Automotive manufacturing OEM’s are continually striving to meet the increased demand for newer technology and legislative requirements for emissions and compliance components. Due to the ever expanding OEM specification this puts pressure on 1st 2nd & 3rd tier suppliers plus the OEM manufacturing plant. To cope with these changes the industry needs safe, efficient and lean processes with flexible resources with the correct skill set to support these periods of production without permanently increasing their headcount. We recognize these challenges and can meet the specifications and requirements of your business to help support the KPI’s SEQCD (Safety/Environmental Quality/Cost/Delivery) and reduce disruption to forecasted production volumes.


We will endeavour to share any potential improvement and lessons learnt that can improve your company that are found during our time supporting the business.

By engaging with SMS you will benefit from the tools and methodology of DMAIC principles, that have been learned via six sigma training to enable a technical root cause and implantation of interim containments and permanent corrective actions. Once completed a comprehensive pack with all findings and data resulting permanent corrective actions will be shared and a high-level PPS one-page document created enabling a shorter account of the issue. Where we will support then is looking at other processes in the facility and see if any of the concerns identified can be mitigated.


Integration of headcount into the area incorporating the corporate and social responsibility of a zero harm philosophy

Process controls conforming to ISO/TS 16949 & ISO 9001

Recruitment of the correct level/quality of person required to complete the role

Process placement and steps to ensure correct quality outputs and other KPI's are not affected

Real time, detailed and understandable data.

Poke Yoka/Gauge R&R inspection implementation to reduce subjectivity - reducing either incorrect diverts or components requiring diverts are not then failing at end of line or in warranty