About Us


Automotive manufacturing OEM’s are continually striving to meet the increased demand for newer technology and legislative requirements for emissions and compliance components.

Due to the ever expanding OEM specification this puts pressure on 1st 2nd & 3rd tier suppliers plus the OEM manufacturing plant. To cope with these changes the industry needs safe, efficient and lean processes with flexible resources with the correct skill set to support these periods of production without permanently increasing their headcount. We recognize these challenges and can meet the specifications and requirements of your business to help support the KPI’s SEQCD (Safety/Environmental Quality/Cost/Delivery) and reduce disruption to forecasted production volumes.

What we do...

Smart Manufacturing Solutions is a outsourced service
provider for the automotive, locomotive & Aerospace
manufacturing sector.

Our services are designed utilizing decades of experience in the manufacturing sector. Using Lean principles to optimize product quality, process efficiency and effectiveness. We support our clients throughout the product life cycle.